Tune in to DreamHack Montreal!

07-09-2018 VanCaspel

The very last tournament where players can earn WCS-points for this year kicks off today in Montreal. At DreamHack the last 12.600 BlizzCon qualification points are at stake, as well as a $101.000 in prize money. Who will take the lion’s share? Who still stands a chance at getting top-8 of the WCS-ranking? Check out TeamLiquid’s cool write-up for an overview of the contenders.

Of course our eyes are on Harstem and uThermal, the Dutch representatives. uThermal is currently 11th in the ranking, so with a good result compared to those above him in the ranking he could make it. If he brings his A-game I’m convinced he stands a good chance. What helps is that he qualified to be seeded in the 3rd group stage, so he only has to advance from one group to make it to the playoffs.

Harstem has a bit more of an uphill battle, as he’s 1000 points behind uThermal on the 21st place. If he wants to get to BlizzCon he basically has to win the whole tournament in Montreal, so I guess that’s we’re cheering for. He starts in the 3rd group stage today in Group I around 19h tonight our time. He’ll work his way through all group stages so we can have Harstem vs. uThermal in the finals – yeah :).

Have fun watching!

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