Sign-ups are going well!

14-12-2012 VanCaspel

It’s been nearly a week since we opened the sign-ups for the individual league and started the promotional campaign. So far almost 50 people have signed up for the first qualifier, and nearly 100 people have created an account on the forums! We’ve also sent out the first batch of promo packs with cool posters and stickers.

Please help us keep the buzz going by sharing our page on Facebook and following us on Twitter!

Some other developments worth sharing: the point distribution for the qualifiers has been published, as well as this page with info for new sponsors. If you work for a company that is (or should be) interested in our fine community, please send us an e-mail at

Next week we’ll open the sign-ups for the team league, so get your buddies ready! We’ll also announce what exactly we’re going to do when Heart of the Swarm gets released next week. So definitely stay tuned!


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