Ranking DSCL Nationals 2019

Several tournaments award qualification points for the DSCL Nationals. See DSCL.nl/nationals for a list of these tournaments. In each of them, Dutch-speaking players can earn points:

  • 32 points for the winner
  • 24 points for 2nd place
  • 18 points for 3rd/4th place (if 3rd-place match is played, 3rd place gets 20 points, 4th place gets 16)
  • 12 points for 5th-8th place
  • 6 points for 9th-16th place
  • 3 points for 17th-32nd place
  • 1 point for any other players (if they fully completed their scheduled matches)

The top-4 from the final ranking will be directly invited for the DSCL Nationals on December 15th. The numbers 5 through 16 will play an online group stage in November (three double elimination groups of 4 players each), from which another 6 players advance.

Once qualifying tournaments have been played, the ranking as well as a link to a detailed breakdown of the points will appear on this page.