Pre-Challenger interview with Harstem

22-01-2015 matthieu cornelissen

Harstem recently qualified for WCS EU Challenger, so we sat down with him to talk about his qualification and his view towards his upcoming Challenger match.

Matthieu: First of all, congratulations on qualifying. How was your mindset going into the qualifier? Because I read on Twitter you were doubting to attend the 4th and 5th qualifier.
Harstem: I do believe I was in okay shape going into the qualifier, but since I play more, people get to know my play style better. So I had to come up with more innovative play. I also had to reschedule a flight to give myself a few more chances.

Matthieu: While playing the qualifier were there any players or matchups you wanted to play and why?
Harstem: I preferred not to play vs. Miniraser or forGG, I think they know my style to well. Especially forGG. For Miniraser I just have a lot of trouble with his play style.

Matthieu: How did you experience the qualifiers themselves? Harder/easier than you expected?
Harstem: It was as difficult as I expected, personally I believe my stamina isn’t that good, so I tend to shine more in shorter matches. For instance with shorts breaks in between the games, so I don’t get tired out.

Matthieu: How are you looking towards your upcoming Challenger match vs. Serral?
Harstem: I am not that concerned about the upcoming match, although Serral has a better win rate against me. But I prepared accordingly. All European players are beatable, and I do believe it comes down more to the shape of both me and Serral during our match.

Matthieu: So you do think you have a good chance to make it into Premier or not?
Harstem: Yeah I think I am going to win, I am confident enough. Since I am in good shape at the moment. My only concern is that the jet lag might kick in, since I only returned from America yesterday.

Matthieu: So this might be the #yearofHarstem after all?
Harstem: Hahaha, the 3rd edition of the #yearofHarstem, but we’re going to make it a better edition then the previous ones.

Matthieu: Thank you for your time, that concludes our interview. Any shout-outs you want to give?
Harstem: Shout-out to the ghetto boy for producing good music, and shout out to the Fnatic boys for always supporting me!

You can find the exact times of the WCS Challenger league games here.


  • Frank van Caspel | January 22, 2015 | 23:45

    Yes – best #yearofharstem yet coming up!

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