Next stop: Esports Game Arena

11-10-2018 VanCaspel
Yesterday’s first-ever DSCL event on Belgian soil drew a small but enthusiastic group of players. Unfortunately some of the prospective participants cancelled at the last minute, which left only three players to fight over a serious amount of qualification points… Hendronimus took first place over Fraukenstein (2nd) and spojp (3rd), and given how fresh the… View Article

Next up: Outpost Antwerpen

08-10-2018 VanCaspel
Yesterday Marsman and Djorjx faced off in a high-level finals at the Esports Game Arena, solidifying their spots in the ranking. At this point no one can be certain of their position though, because SIX more qualification tournaments are coming up. The first of those is this Wednesday at Outpost Gamecenter in Antwerp – the… View Article

Ranking develops: upcoming tourneys

04-10-2018 VanCaspel
Yesterday our resident memer Djorjx (Terran) won the first online qualifier, earning him a spot at the top of the ranking. Those points were hard-fought, as many of the top Dutch players participated. Check out the full results on Battlefy. The finals were streamed by uThermal, and lots of fun was had! For those who are… View Article

Online qualifier tonight

03-10-2018 VanCaspel
It’s GO time tonight at 19h! We’ll be hosting the first of two online qualifiers for the DSCL Nationals. All Dutch(-speaking) players are welcome to sign up on Battlefy and play some fun StarCraft matches tonight. All who participate will earn points for the DSCL Nationals ranking. Go sign up if you haven’t already, and… View Article

BlizzCon BarCraft November 3rd

02-10-2018 VanCaspel
BlizzCon is approaching, and so is our yearly BarCraft! Just like last year the Esports Game Arena will be our venue of choice, where on November 3rd – championship Saturday – we’ll be showing all the finals of the various games. Including StarCraft of course 🙂 Join us for some drinks, laughs and intense StarCraft… View Article