DSCL op Tweakers Gaming Live

20-09-2018 VanCaspel
Good news everyone! Tweakers.net will be hosting a LAN-party in November: Tweakers Gaming Live. This is the first time Tweakers is hosting a LAN, and given the fact that they’ve partnered up with Duh-Events (CampZone, The Party, and much more) it should be a good one. And the best part is that the DSCL will… View Article

Tune in to DreamHack Montreal!

07-09-2018 VanCaspel
The very last tournament where players can earn WCS-points for this year kicks off today in Montreal. At DreamHack the last 12.600 BlizzCon qualification points are at stake, as well as a $101.000 in prize money. Who will take the lion’s share? Who still stands a chance at getting top-8 of the WCS-ranking? Check out TeamLiquid’s… View Article

Introducing: DSCL Nationals 2018

15-08-2018 VanCaspel
The Dutch StarCraft League is back! After 5 editions of the international DSCL Open, the Dutch StarCraft scene is now deserving of the full spotlight. Introducing: the DSCL Nationals….  The DSCL Nationals are open to all Dutch-speaking players (so Flemish players too). The finals will be at a live event at the Esports Game… View Article

New in Europe: StarLadder Amateur Series

04-08-2018 VanCaspel
There’s a new league in town! Starting today European StarCraft II-players of all levels can play in the StarLadder Amateur Series. Blizzard is collaborating with StarLadder for this tiered tournament, with entry-points for players from Bronze to Grand Master. The top players will eventually be invited for the Ultimate Series, but even if you don’t make… View Article

DreamHack Valencia: uThermal, Harstem, Optimus and… Ret!

09-07-2018 VanCaspel
This week the third out of 2018’s four WCS Circuit Events will be played: DreamHack Valencia! In the bristling, tapas-laden Spanish city 80 players will be qlashing (typo?) over $100.000+ in prize money, and 12.600 of those precious WCS-points. Who will take the cake? Let’s hope it’s one of the Dutch representatives, of which there… View Article