BlizzCon BarCraft & DSCL Qualifier next weekend

28-10-2018 VanCaspel
Due to a bunch of last-minute cancellations only three players got to share in the points at NEEK’s StarCraft Cup yesterday. Riquiz overtakes Marsman in the points ranking, NEEK enters the top-16 and MartinR/Wraithfan even secured a shared 10th place. Good going guys! 😃 Check out the updated ranking right here. There’s only two more qualifiers coming… View Article

NEEK’s StarCraft Cup Saturday

25-10-2018 VanCaspel
Yesterday twenty players earned DSCL points in the eW0lfz Brawl! Marsman continued his winning spree and took out Melle in the finals, whereas Fmtc beat Riquiz in a close 2-1 series in the 3rd place match. This means that the top-4 of the ranking somewhat solidifying, but there’s still plenty of room to get top-16 and… View Article

Upcoming events

22-10-2018 VanCaspel
With the 5th qualifier done, there are ‘only’ four more to come. If you haven’t already played now would be a good time to start if you still want to get top-16 in the ranking. You’ll get two chances this week, as on Wednesday the eW0lfz Brawl will be played online (starts at 19h, sign up… View Article

Prizes at the Esports Game Arena this Sunday

18-10-2018 VanCaspel
The 5th qualifier for the DSCL Nationals is coming up: join us this Sunday at the Esports Game Arena! Sign-ups open at 15h, matches start at 16h. As always players from all skill levels are welcome to participate, and we’ll determine the format based on the number of signups. After Sunday we’ll be past the… View Article

eW0lfz have taken over the online qualifier!

15-10-2018 VanCaspel
The Elit3 W0lfz have taken over the second DSCL online qualifier – awooooooo! Don’t worry though: the eW0lfz Brawl still awards points for the DSCL National rankings – they may just be a bit more hairy than usual :). Because of the eW0lfz’s involvement there may now also be prizes, and there will also be… View Article