ThermyCup kicks off today

29-11-2017 VanCaspel
The ThermyCup kicks off today! Don’t miss this celebration of high-level Dutch StarCraft play; the absolute top of our nation’s players are represented. Yesterday Harstem, RotterdaM and Riquiz qualified through the qualifier, and aGaham, Optimus, Marsman, Arnovic, DiTTO, Genix, Fmtc, NEEK and Djorjx have been invited because of their performance in the Online and Local… View Article

Details ThermyCup

25-11-2017 VanCaspel
The Local Track is coming to a close next week in the ThermyCup. Take note: The ThermyCup will award the same amount of points as regular Local Track tournaments, but unlike with regular cups you have to win at least one match in order to get any points! The top-6 from the Local Track have… View Article

Local Track & WESG results

24-11-2017 VanCaspel
Yesterday the last of the regular Local Track tournaments was played at Kayzr. The regular crowd populated the higher echelons of the bracket, and many a top-4 position was solidified. Check out the Local Track-page for the full results and current standings. Only one chance to earn points remains: next week’s ThermyCup with a €300… View Article

StarCraft: Remastered tournament & pubquiz at the finals

22-11-2017 VanCaspel
Right as Genix won yesterday’s Local Track cup, thereby ousting Arnovic from the top-4 (the ranking is really close!), we finalized some details for activities at the Finals Event. At the finals on December 9th in the Esports Game Arena visitor’s won’t just be able to enjoy top-level matches of StarCraft II. There’s also: An… View Article

Another trio of Local Track tournaments this week

20-11-2017 VanCaspel
The Local Track has REALLY picked up steam! Just like last week we’ll have three tournaments for players to enjoy: at the Esports Game Arena today at 19h, online on Battlefy tomorrow at 19h, and at 19:30h on Thursday night at Kayzr. These three tournaments will be the last cups before the Local Track’s conclusion… View Article