uThermal the SHOUTcraft king!

04-11-2016 Jordy Vonk
While there is no Dutch player in the top 8 for the WCS at BlizzCon, there is still a Dutch player claiming the stage after the round of 8 later today. None other than Liquid uThermal, who is the current SHOUTcraft king, will be defending his title on the BlizzCon stage. His majesty uThermal acquired… View Article

DSCL Open group D

31-10-2016 Jordy Vonk
Today the final Ro16 group of the DSCL open will be played out. Let’s see who the last two players will be for the offline finals on the 3rd of December! Group D looks to be a very balanced group with two Terran players Optimus and MperorM, Protoss SpaceMarine and Zerg TomikuS. Optimus is a very… View Article

Recap DSCL open group B & C

30-10-2016 Jordy Vonk
Last Tuesday and Wednesday we had two very exciting groups of the DSCL open round of 16: group B consisting of two-time defending champion uThermal, as well as Socke, Marsman and Revolution, and group C consisting of Harstem (winner of the 2013 DSCL open), Lillekanin, Multi and HaNfy. Group B started with uThermal and Socke… View Article

Dutch stream for WCS Global Finals

27-10-2016 VanCaspel
Big news: the Dutch StarCraft League will be providing the official Dutch language broadcast of the WCS Global Finals – de wereldkampioenschappen StarCraft! Dit gaat de allereerste keer zijn dat we content in het Nederlands produceren, en we hebben er zin in :). Vanaf vandaag zijn we vier dagen live op Twitch.tv/DSCLeague met de achtste finales (Ro16), en volgende… View Article

Groups C & B this week

24-10-2016 VanCaspel
The DSCL Open continues this week with two groups! On Tuesday Harstem, Lillekanin, HaNfy and Multi will go head-to-head on Wardi’s channel, and on Wednesday BaseTradeTV is back to cast uThermal, Socke, Marsman and Revolution. Check out the DSCL Open page and Liquipedia for the full brackets and match orders. Last week Reynor and FeaR were the… View Article