Last-chance qualifier tonight

09-10-2017 VanCaspel
Yesterday uThermal won the WESG Benelux qualifier at Firstlook Festival – congratulations Marc! It took a while for the games to get started due to internet problems at the venue, but once ping-levels had returned to normal the players kicked it into overdrive. In the end uThermal was victorious, so he’ll be going to Barcelona… View Article

WESG Benelux @Firstlook today

08-10-2017 VanCaspel
At 10h this morning the Benelux tournament of the World Electronic Sports Games kick off at Firstlook Festival! The finals will start around 13h, so it’s a tight schedule chock-full of StarCraft. Get your tickets on Firstlook’s website, and join the very best Dutch StarCraft players us at the WESG Zone. The bracket for the… View Article

WESG Benelux bracket released

06-10-2017 VanCaspel
This Sunday the very best Dutch StarCraft players will be playing LIVE at Firstlook Festival in the WESG Benelux qualifier. If you like StarCraft, be there! The finals will be shown on the main stage, but starting from 10h you’ll be able to see the players in action as they work their way through a… View Article

Arnovic, JackO and WoodedMicrob are in

05-10-2017 VanCaspel
Yesterday’s qualifier was something else! Three seeds in the DSCL Open were up for grabs, but in between the struggle for those, we saw real tension surrounding the WESG Benelux seeds that were also at stake. Two new Benelux players showed up in the qualifiers, Fmtc and JackO, and they both performed well. JackO in… View Article

Last chance to get on board

04-10-2017 VanCaspel
If you haven’t played in the DSCL Open this year, tonight’s your last chance to get on board! Today’s qualifier is the last of the regular, open qualifiers. The fifth qualifier next week is only open to those who’ve made it to at least the quarterfinals of a previous qualifier, so tonight it’s do or… View Article