Harstem and uThermal at WCS Spring

16-05-2019 VanCaspel
On Friday WCS Spring kicks off! The $100.000 tournament in Kiev is one of the four main WCS Circuit events where players can earn points to qualify for the Global Finals at BlizzCon in November. There’s lots on the line, and many of the very best players will be attending. This includes our Dutch heroes… View Article

May 26th: qualifier at Esports Game Arena

15-05-2019 VanCaspel
The first of four DSCL qualifiers at the Esports Game Arena is coming up. Join us at 15h (matches start at 16h) on Sunday, May 26th for a fun time playing StarCraft II and… earning some prize money! Besides DSCL Nationals qualification points we’ll be awarding €275 to the participants. Every map you win will earn… View Article

ThermyCup 3 results

21-04-2019 VanCaspel
This weekend the 3rd edition of the ThermyCup was played at The Party in Eindhoven. A whopping 33 players from across Europe brought their computers (or tablets :)) to show their best games, and uThermal once again proved himself a dedicated and gifted tournament admin. The groups and bracket were absolutely stacked with high-level players;… View Article

Announcing 2019 DSCL Nationals

03-04-2019 VanCaspel
We’re back everyone! The longest-running Dutch StarCraft II tournament will return for its 7th installment in 2019. The DSCL Nationals will be played on Sunday December 15th in the Esports Game Arena, and throughout the year various tournaments will award DSCL qualification points. The first of these is a big one: the ThermyCup at The… View Article

uThermal wins! Photos, VODs and replays

04-12-2018 VanCaspel
All hail uThermal! On Saturday the Dutch Terran playing for Team Liquid won his 4th premier DSCL event by defeating Harstem 4 games to 1 in the finals. An impressive result, especially considering that he dropped only that one map throughout the whole tournament. While he lost the finals, Harstem too showed exactly why he… View Article