Second EGA qualifier results

27-06-2019 VanCaspel
Last Sunday was great! A record number of players (13!) showed up at the Esports Game Arena to play in the qualifier, and they won a grand total of 81 maps to earn prize money and qualification points. The full results can be found on Battlefy. The full results were not know until yesterday evening… View Article

June 23rd: qualifier at Esports Game Arena

12-06-2019 VanCaspel
The second qualifier at the Esports Game Arena is coming up next week! Join us on Sunday, June 23rd at 15h (matches start at 16h) in Alpen aan den Rijn for several hours worth of StarCraft maddness 😁. Players from all skill-levels are welcome to play for free, you don’t have to bring your computer, and… View Article

First EGA Qualifier results

27-05-2019 VanCaspel
Yesterday was really a lot of fun. Twelve players plus a small audience showed up to the Esports Game Arena for the second chance to earn DSCL points, and the first qualifier in Alphen aan den Rijn. Thanks everybody for coming and Nyr for casting! The players were split over two round robin groups of 6,… View Article

Science needs you!

22-05-2019 VanCaspel
Any StarCraft players here that want to help out with a science experiment? Alex Trout of Utrecht University is doing an experiment on the way the user interface in StarCraft II is used, and he’s looking for anyone who’s familiar with StarCraft to participate. It doesn’t matter whether you’re Bronze or GM, as long as… View Article

Harstem and uThermal at WCS Spring

16-05-2019 VanCaspel
On Friday WCS Spring kicks off! The $100.000 tournament in Kiev is one of the four main WCS Circuit events where players can earn points to qualify for the Global Finals at BlizzCon in November. There’s lots on the line, and many of the very best players will be attending. This includes our Dutch heroes… View Article