Schedule for finals event published

28-11-2016 VanCaspel
The schedule for the finals event has been published on the event-page! The StarCraft matches will start at 13:00h (group stages) and 18:30h (playoffs). The players will be sitting in the theater room all day, while the casters start out in the lobby for the group stages and then move to the theater for the… View Article

Wardí, Lowko and Weiman to cast finals

21-11-2016 VanCaspel
The casting-team extraordinaire who brought you the matches from last year’s DSCL Open finals in de Melkweg is making a comeback. The 2016 finals in Alphen aan den Rijn will be commentated by Dutch e-sports personalities Simon ‘Lowko‘ Heijnen and Jeroen ‘Weiman‘ Weimar, as well as special guest from the UK: Jonathon ‘Wardí‘ Ward! They’ll… View Article

DSCL Open round of 8 groups

16-11-2016 Jordy Vonk
With the round of 16 behind us we have our 8 aspiring DSCL Open champions for the live event on December 3rd. At the event they’ll have to go through one final group stage if they want to reach the single-elimination playoffs. So here are the groups! First we have group A consisting of some… View Article

uThermal the SHOUTcraft king!

04-11-2016 Jordy Vonk
While there is no Dutch player in the top 8 for the WCS at BlizzCon, there is still a Dutch player claiming the stage after the round of 8 later today. None other than Liquid uThermal, who is the current SHOUTcraft king, will be defending his title on the BlizzCon stage. His majesty uThermal acquired… View Article

DSCL Open group D

31-10-2016 Jordy Vonk
Today the final Ro16 group of the DSCL open will be played out. Let’s see who the last two players will be for the offline finals on the 3rd of December! Group D looks to be a very balanced group with two Terran players Optimus and MperorM, Protoss SpaceMarine and Zerg TomikuS. Optimus is a very… View Article