Finals tomorrow!

08-12-2017 VanCaspel
The finals are tomorrow – HELL YEAH! Today we’ll be at the Esports Game Arena all day to prepare, just to make sure everything’s set up perfect for the big day. Are you planning on coming over tomorrow? Sign up on Facebook, and check out all the info about the event here. The schedule for… View Article

Afterparty in the Arena!

07-12-2017 VanCaspel
After the finals have been played and the winner has raised the trophy, an immediate afterparty will erupt at the Esports Game Arena! Everyone is welcome to join the players and crew for drinks, music and laughter. Better bring your best awkward e-sports dance moves! The projected match times have all been posted to Liquipedia;… View Article

Be a VIP & support the DSCL!

06-12-2017 VanCaspel
The finals are just 3 nights away! The schedule for the matches is on Liquipedia, the players have been fully briefed, and the last preparations for the stream are coming along nicely. Now all we need is an audience! Entrance in the Esports Game Arena is free all day (including to the afterparty). However, if… View Article

German & Russian broadcasts this Saturday

05-12-2017 VanCaspel
In a first-ever, the Dutch StarCraft League finals will have broadcasts in different languages! This Saturday our main stream at will be in English as always, but at the same time we’ll have: A German stream by @MarthMedia at A Russian stream by @PsinSinSC2 at Give them a follow and check out… View Article

Wardi, Lowko, Weiman and… Thalandros!

03-12-2017 VanCaspel
A fourth caster has been added to the talent roster at the finals next week: Mart ‘Thalandros‘ Siemerink! Mart has been doing a lot of StarCraft casting recently, including at HomeStory Cup and of course the ThermyCup. We’re happy to announce he’ll be commentating some games in the Esports Game Arena too, together with Wardi… View Article