Quantic Gaming disbands all gaming divisions

05-12-2012 tshot
Today various sources reported the immediate disbanding of all gaming divisions of Quantic Gaming. No official announcement has been made yet, but both management and players have discussed the event on their Twitters (coL_Lake, Illusion, Theognis). Esports journalist Slasher reports that investors have pulled out of Quantic, without any prior warning to team or players, leaving both surprised with… View Article

Balance patch addresses Infestors

05-12-2012 tshot
As a “Sinterklaas” present to non-Zergs all over the world, Blizzard has released a list of upcoming changes that will be implemented in the coming day. Fungal Growth range decreased from 9 to 8. Infested Terran egg health decreased from 100 to 70. Seeker Missile from Ravens no longer requires an upgrade to be researched…. View Article

Ipl season 5

03-12-2012 tshot
The final matches of IPL5 were played last night and the rightful champion is Leenock! Leenock faced Violet three series in a row, with Violet popping down to the losers bracket to take out Polt in between. Leenock ultimately proved to be the better player and took home the trophy after a very thrilling series… View Article

HCC!lan moved – qualifier cancelled

02-12-2012 VanCaspel
Unfortunately the HCC!lan will not be held at the end of December due to the low amount of participants that signed up so far. Apparently the holidays are a time to play games with family – not with fellow-nerds at a LAN :). This means that the first qualifier for the Dutch StarCraft League will… View Article

Drukkert.nl to sponsor Dutch StarCraft League

27-11-2012 VanCaspel
We’re thrilled to officially announce Drukkert.nl’s sponsorship of the Dutch StarCraft League! Drukkert is graciously providing us with posters and stickers – which you’ll all be able to order (shipping costs only) very soon. Please check out the sponsor page to read about Drukkert and how they are helping the Dutch StarCraft League. If you… View Article