Happy New Year

31-12-2012 tshot
We hope to bring you the best tournament experience possible next year! Don’t forget to join the qualifiers which will start on January 8th.  To help grow the DSCL community even more, join our forums or IRC and say hi every now and then. We wish everyone a happy and successful new year!  (be carefull… View Article

Grubby with GSL seed

30-12-2012 tshot
As announced on his twitter, Grubby arrived in Korea yesterday, where he will participate in the GSL Up and Down matches and try to advance to Code S. Grubby and HuK both got seeded and will be the only two foreigners competing. The GSL competition will resume it’s course on January 6th, but since Grubby… View Article

Reminder to all players: complete your profile!

29-12-2012 VanCaspel
The start of the qualifiers is very near indeed! We hope you’re all ready to play and kick some ass. An important reminder for all players: make sure your forum profile is complete. As you can read on the sign-up page all participants must have their Battle.net name & character code, as well as their… View Article

Rules for the qualifiers published

28-12-2012 VanCaspel
We’ve just published the rules for the qualifiers in both Dutch and English! These rules apply to the qualifiers of the individual league, which start on January 8th. To all those that intend to participate in the DSCL Individual League: please read these rules carefully. They specify the format, map pool and general game rules… View Article

Major update on the caster desk

27-12-2012 VanCaspel
We’ve been working hard on the caster desk for the finals. We know they won’t be for some time, but we might as well be ready :). ‘Why do we need a specifically designed caster desk’ you ask? Well: we need the casters to be able to see both their monitors and the audience, so… View Article