Keffo's road to the DSCL finals

06-01-2013 tshot
It has been a week since I started my road to the DSCL finals. My goal is to let everyone see that someone starting in silver can reach the DSCL finals. After a good start this week, I got placed in Gold at the beginning of the new season. But here I started to doubt… View Article

Collaboration with PROG4MER

05-01-2013 VanCaspel
We’re very happy to announce that we’re teaming up with PROG4MER! PROG4MER is a tournament platform aimed to provide structure and stability to the Benelux e-sports community. They do this by keeping a centralized ranking of all the Benelux-players in tournaments they monitor. They also hand out prizes each season to Benelux-players with the highest… View Article

Sign-ups for first qualifier approaching 100

04-01-2013 VanCaspel
We’re proud and happy to announce that the number of people that have signed up for the first qualifier is approaching 100! We might even get a full house (128 participants) when we start on Tuesday evening. Just today we’ve sent around a Dutch press release telling everyone about the start of the DSCL. If… View Article

Bad news for Korean teams

03-01-2013 tshot
Today was not a good day for the Korean teams unfortunately. First off, PartinG announced his departure from team StareTale, he had this to say about his former team: [quote=PartinG]” StarTale is a great team, but I want to experience much more things while I’m still young. I am very thankful toward Coach Won who… View Article

Dutch Starcraft League on Liquipedia

03-01-2013 tshot
As of today all info about the Dutch Starcraft League can also be found on Liquipedia. A source that’s considered to be one of the most important information databases on the internet regarding everything related to Starcraft 2 (there are also separate pages for Dota 2 and Starcraft: Brood war). To get all information regarding… View Article