First come, first serve at the qualifier tomorrow!

07-01-2013 VanCaspel
Be aware! Even though it’s possible for more than 128 people to sign up for a qualifier, only the first 128 players who actually confirm will be placed in the bracket! After that the qualifier is full. So it’s first come, first serve as far as confirming is concerned. Confirmations start half an hour before… View Article

First two casters announced: Wardí and BelleNOiR

07-01-2013 VanCaspel
Our first two casters have just introduced themselves on the caster-page – go check it out! They’re both from SCV Rush‘s roster, and we’re very glad to have them on board. Tomorrow evening at 19:00h CET the very first DSCL stream will go live at Don’t miss it! Tomorrow’s casters will be Jonathon ‘Wardí’… View Article

Keffo's road to the DSCL finals

06-01-2013 tshot
It has been a week since I started my road to the DSCL finals. My goal is to let everyone see that someone starting in silver can reach the DSCL finals. After a good start this week, I got placed in Gold at the beginning of the new season. But here I started to doubt… View Article

Collaboration with PROG4MER

05-01-2013 VanCaspel
We’re very happy to announce that we’re teaming up with PROG4MER! PROG4MER is a tournament platform aimed to provide structure and stability to the Benelux e-sports community. They do this by keeping a centralized ranking of all the Benelux-players in tournaments they monitor. They also hand out prizes each season to Benelux-players with the highest… View Article

Sign-ups for first qualifier approaching 100

04-01-2013 VanCaspel
We’re proud and happy to announce that the number of people that have signed up for the first qualifier is approaching 100! We might even get a full house (128 participants) when we start on Tuesday evening. Just today we’ve sent around a Dutch press release telling everyone about the start of the DSCL. If… View Article