Road to the DSCL Finals: Preparation for Qualifier 2

14-01-2013 tshot
Last DSCL qualifier I got defeated instantly. Was this because the guy I was playing knew my tactics or just because I made some small mistakes? Analyzing my own games the last few days I have come to the conclusion that reaching platinium means I cant make mistakes. Forgetting my gas or a supply depot… View Article

Grubby wins Alienware Arena

13-01-2013 tshot
Tonight the finals of the Alienware Arena have been played and Grubby may call himself the champion! The Alienware Arena is a Pro-Am Tournament, where 4 pro players and 4 qualified amateur players in each region (Europe and North America) battle it out for nearly $5,000 in cash prizes. Grubby had to face the North… View Article

Caster BelleNOiR: "Spinach is very healthy"

12-01-2013 tshot
Recently we had an interview with BelleNOiR, one of the casters of the first qualifier. He did an outstanding job casting the games and keeping everyone entertained. But who is he really? Get to know Patrik Bauman and read his interview below. (Written by Richard ‘CptObvious’ Mensink) Patrik ‘BelleNOiR’ Bauman Origin: Bratislava Slovakia What do you like… View Article

VODs from first qualifier online!

10-01-2013 VanCaspel
If you’ve missed any of the action on Tuesday: don’t worry! VODs from all the games that were casted during the evening are now live on the VOD-page. Have fun watching! If you see anything you like, come over to this thread on the forums to discuss. Here’s a little preview: game one from the… View Article

Update on the GSL Up & Down matches

10-01-2013 tshot
Last Tuesday the first qualifier of the DSCL took place. Although there were some minor issues with streaming, the overall end result shows us the Dutchies (and all that participate in the tournament) are in for a highly professional and entertaining tournament. Although the first qualifier was a resounding success, we must not forget the… View Article