News concerning WoL!

16-01-2013 tshot
The use of infestors for zerg players is still a hot topic of discussion. Infestors had already been nerfed some time ago due to the abundant use of the unit in mid and late games. To increase the variety in builds and to make the infestor less of a dominant unit in army compositions, Blizzard… View Article

Want to win a poster signed by Harstem?

16-01-2013 VanCaspel
We’ve revamped our promo pack promotion! One in every three orders will receive either a Heart of the Swarm beta key or a DSCL poster signed by Dutch pro player Kevin ‘Harstem’ de Koning! Please help us spread the word about the DSCL in the Netherlands by ordering a free set of posters and stickers… View Article

Axiom team news

15-01-2013 tshot
Head sponsor TotalBiscuit of team Axiom posted these videos with news about the team. First off, the new team house: But secondly, and a great deal more exciting; news about participation in the GSTL!! This is a scary-looking former-SlayerS player reunion, and with arguably one of the best foreigners (Scarlett) on their roster,… View Article

Road to the DSCL Finals: Preparation for Qualifier 2

14-01-2013 tshot
Last DSCL qualifier I got defeated instantly. Was this because the guy I was playing knew my tactics or just because I made some small mistakes? Analyzing my own games the last few days I have come to the conclusion that reaching platinium means I cant make mistakes. Forgetting my gas or a supply depot… View Article

Grubby wins Alienware Arena

13-01-2013 tshot
Tonight the finals of the Alienware Arena have been played and Grubby may call himself the champion! The Alienware Arena is a Pro-Am Tournament, where 4 pro players and 4 qualified amateur players in each region (Europe and North America) battle it out for nearly $5,000 in cash prizes. Grubby had to face the North… View Article