Optimus, RiSky and TomikuS qualified

12-09-2017 VanCaspel

In a seething first qualifier yesterday, Optimus, RiSky and TomikuS managed to grab a spot in the DSCL Open! Optimus, now playing for team Dead Pixels, is a mainstay in Dutch StarCraft, and him qualifying was to be expected. Still, to do it effortlessly in one try is to be commended.

TomikuS is also back, for the 4th year in a row! The Zerg from the Czech Republic even made it to the offline finals last year, where he fell in the group stage against uThermal and… Optimus. Will they meet again this year? Finally RiSky is a newcomer to the DSCL Open, this being the first time he qualified. He’s certainly no newbie though: this British Zerg is a veteran StarCraft player now playing for mYinsanity after having played for Team WardiTV.

This DSCL Open is shaping up to get preeetty cool 🙂 Sign up now for the second qualifier on September 20th! Will Tarrantius (who lost to RiSky in the 3rd place match) take revenge? Will we see more Dutch players qualify? Keep an eye out…

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