Next stop: Esports Game Arena

11-10-2018 VanCaspel

Yesterday’s first-ever DSCL event on Belgian soil drew a small but enthusiastic group of players. Unfortunately some of the prospective participants cancelled at the last minute, which left only three players to fight over a serious amount of qualification points… Hendronimus took first place over Fraukenstein (2nd) and spojp (3rd), and given how fresh the ranking still is at this point, this means that all three immediately entered the top-10 of the ranking! If they perform well in the upcoming qualifiers (online and offline) there’s a good chance they’ll get a top-16 result if not better.

Of course there are still five qualifiers yet to come. The first of those is in 10 days in the Esports Game Arena: get over there on October 21st for another fun afternoon/early evening of playing StarCraft! Last time we had participants from Gold League and up and everyone had fun, so don’t feel daunted if your MMR is not in the upper echelons. Just come over and have some fun. We usually play in round robin format so you get to play at least several matches. Of course computers are provided, so all you need to do is show up :). All info is here, see you in 10 days!



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