New in Europe: StarLadder Amateur Series

04-08-2018 VanCaspel

There’s a new league in town! Starting today European StarCraft II-players of all levels can play in the StarLadder Amateur Series. Blizzard is collaborating with StarLadder for this tiered tournament, with entry-points for players from Bronze to Grand Master. The top players will eventually be invited for the Ultimate Series, but even if you don’t make it that far there’s many in-game goodies to be won. Moreover: if your games are exciting you may end up being casted on Lowko’s YouTube-channel!

How does it work? Every weekend from now on players from higher and higher leagues can step in, starting with Bronze and Silver this weekend. Do well enough, and you advance to the next weekends, when Gold, Platinum, Diamond, Master and Grandmaster players join in. You get your prizes at the point when you drop out, depending on how well you did up to then. It’s free to participate!

See this page for details about today’s Bronze & Silver League competitions, and if you’re in a higher league sign up for the appropriate tournament on the Amateur Series main page.

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