DSCL Nationals 2018

The Dutch StarCraft League is going national. After 5 years of international tournaments, this year’s DSCL Nationals is 100% focused on the Dutch-speaking StarCraft II-community (Flemish players welcome too). So get ready you kaaskoppen! Sign up for the qualifiers and claim a spot at the finals on December 1st in the Esports Game Arena. Of course all our content will still be produced in English, so our international fans can still watch the action. Keep reading for all info about the tournament and its qualifiers, and don’t forget to get hyped up by the trailer.

The tournament

The DSCL Nationals have a simple format. 12 players enter a 1-day tournament where they’ll play round robin groups of 6, from which 6 players advance to an elimination bracket to decide the winner. ‘But how can I be one of these 12 players?‘, you ask? Let me tell you! There’s two ways: either be Harstem or uThermal, because previous winners get an invitation.

Otherwise: play in qualification tournaments. Several tournaments in September, October and November award DSCL-points to their participants, and we’ll keep a ranking at DSCL.nl/ranking.  After the final qualification tournament the top-4 players from the ranking will get a direct invite to the DSCL Nationals. The numbers 5 through 16 from the ranking will play an online group stage (3 double elimination groups of 4 players) in the second half of November, from which another 6 players advance to December 1st. As long as you get top-16 in the ranking you have a shot, so clear your calendars and sign up for the qualifiers!

The following tournaments award points for the DSCL Nationals ranking:

Each of these tournaments may have their own rules, so make sure to come prepared. Good luck and have fun.

Finals Event

Like last year, the finals event will take place at a haven for e-sports: the Esports Game Arena in Alphen aan den Rijn. Located in the center of the biggest urban cluster of the Netherlands, it has proven to be an ideal venue. The date for the finals will be Saturday, December 1st, and of course the whole event will be streamed live on Twitch.tv/DSCLeague. The best way to enjoy the finals, however, is to come to the arena! Entrance is FREE, and check out the photos from last year if you need proof of how much fun you’ll have.

Besides the tournament matches, the audience will be treated to a presentation of gaming-related science (like all previous years), a pubquiz and side-tournaments for those who want to show their skills.

Crowdfunded prize pool

For the prize pool this year we’re relying on you – the community! A certain tournament director will be out of a job soon, so we could really use help funding the prize pool. That’s why we set up a campaign on Matcherino where anyone can help fund this year’s DSCL Nationals. The contributed donations (and proceeds from merchandise) will be split over the 12 participants in the following ratio:

  • 1st place – 32%
  • 2nd place – 16%
  • 3/4th place – 8%
  • 5/6th place – 6%
  • 7/12th place – 4%

If you have no PayPal or do not want to use Matcherino, you can contribute to the prize pool by donating directly to account number NL03 SNSB 0705 8249 69 of the Stichting E-sports Nederland (BIC: SNSBNL2A). Mention ‘DSCL prize pool’ in the description of your transfer, and the donation will be added to the prize pool.

Update October 23rd: so far €195 has been donated directly via bank transfer and $209 via Matcherino, for a total of over €375.

For those who choose to contribute in whatever way: THANK YOU!