Local Track

The DSCL Open Local Track allows 4 Benelux players to directly qualify for the DSCL Open finals event. Selected local tournaments from September through November will give out points, and the top-4 players from the ranking will be invited to the finals event. Players who qualify for the finals event through the Online Track will not be counted in the ranking.

The final stop of the Local Track will be the ThermyCup on November 29th and 30th, for which all top-players from the ranking will be invited (everyone who could still make top-4), as well as aGaham, Optimus and Marsman who performed well in the DSCL Open Online Track. The ThermyCup has a €300 prize pool, and is the last chance to get points for the Local Track. Take note: while the points distribution is the same as for other Local Track tournaments, players have to win at least one match to earn any Local Track points from the ThermyCup!

Players who do not get an invite but still want to play in the ThermyCup can qualify through a qualifier on November 28th (which does not award points for the Local Track).

Tournaments awarding points for the Local Track:

Points distribution per tournament:

  • 32 points for the winner
  • 24 points for 2nd place
  • 18 points for 3rd/4th place (if 3rd-place match is played, 3rd place gets 20 points, 4th place gets 16)
  • 12 points for 5th-8th place
  • 6 points for 9th-16th place
  • 3 points for 17th-32nd place
  • 1 point for any other players (if they fully completed their scheduled matches)

Final ranking:

  1. Fmtc (204)
  2. NEEK (180)
  3. DiTTO (154)
  4. Genix (148)

————— Top-4 cutoff

  1. Arnovic (128)
  2. Djorjx (104)

————— ThermyCup invite cutoff

  1. Sparkypants (78)
  2. Riquiz (72)
  3. Weiman (42)
  4. Harstem (32)
  5. Dragontoss (24)
  6. PaddyWan (24)
  7. Fluxior (18)
  8. VanCaspel (18)
  9. RotterdaM (16)
  10. Veni (12)
  11. Nielsi400 (12)
  12. Fadi (12)
  13. Thalandros (12)
  14. Mausu (12)
  15. DPX (12)
  16. JelleN (12)
  17. Fusion (12)
  18. Tobiah (6)
  19. juwicool (6)
  20. Gnosis (6)
  21. Cujo (6)
  22. Crikeuh (6)
  23. magie1032 (6)
  24. Detra (6)

See this spreadsheet for a detailed overview of points earned per tournament.

Optimus, Marsman and aGaham have been removed from the ranking because they qualified for the Finals Event through the Online Track. They can still play in Local Track tournaments (and receive an invite for the ThermyCup), but no longer receive points.