Last-chance qualifier tonight

09-10-2017 VanCaspel

Yesterday uThermal won the WESG Benelux qualifier at Firstlook Festival – congratulations Marc! It took a while for the games to get started due to internet problems at the venue, but once ping-levels had returned to normal the players kicked it into overdrive. In the end uThermal was victorious, so he’ll be going to Barcelona in November to represent our region.

But while WESG Benelux is now concluded, our own DSCL Open is still very much in its opening stages! Tonight is the last-chance qualifier, in which only players who’ve made it to a quarterfinal of previous qualifiers can play. In total that’s eleven players: Djorjx, Tocon, eonblu, kelsul, NEEK, Zazu, aGaham, FeaR, DiTTO, Venture and Fmtc. If they all check-in tonight the format will be single-elimination, but if 8 or less players sign in they’ll play double elimination. All matches will be Bo3 either way, and only two players can qualify tonight. The other 14 seeds have already been claimed (see Liquipedia).

Tune in tonight at 19h on to see which two players complete this year’s roster!

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