Homestory Cup #6. Day 1.

20-12-2012 tshot

After all this good news from the DSCL, it is time to hear some good news from our Dutch players as well! The Homestory Cup started yesterday (19/12) with many great players joining to battle for the ultimate prize. Our own Dutch players (Ret, Grubby and Harstem) joined the fray to show that a little country can still have a big impact!

The first day started out rather sad for Ret, losing his first group match against HasuObs with 2-1. Although Ret took the first match with a sneaky third, HasuObs took revenge with some mindgames and a very tricky mothership push to take the first series. Ret against Fuzer went much better and Ret took the first match by scouting Fuzer’s 2 rax and deploying a 9 pool himself. After taking out the 2 rax the game dragged on for a while, because Ret did not utilize speed on his lings to surround the constant marine pressure. In the second match, Fuzer took out Ret after a failed bunker rush. Ret took too much time and units to focus down the planetaries of Fuzer, which gave Fuzer enough momentum for a counterstrike at Ret’s base. The third match was taken by Ret after a failed bunker rush (again) by Fuzer. After this, Ret regained his bearings and took out HasuObs in two games with some exciting and well-rounded play, placing himself second in his group to advance to the next round.

Today starts the second day of the Homestory Cup (14:00) with matches from Grubby and Harstem. As always, let us cheer on our guys for some well-deserved wins!

M.C. Schipper (MCYngarath/MCwrath)

Match history and Brackets can be found here:
Liquipedia Homestory Cup #6

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