First qualifier Monday

09-09-2017 VanCaspel

While Harstem is still doing battle at WCS in Montreal, his countrymen and many other Europeans are getting ready for the first DSCL Open qualifier on Monday! šŸ™‚ So far 20 players have signed up on Battlefy, and we’reĀ inviting all you StarCraft II players to join them. Don’t worry if you’re not a top Grandmaster – players fromĀ all skill levels are welcome to sign up.Ā Win or lose, playing in a tournament, against players who are less anonymous then those you meet on the ladder, is justĀ so much fun.Ā Don’t miss out!

And who knows:Ā you may make it to the top-3 on Monday. In that case you’d be qualified for the online group stage and actually fighting for a spot at the offline finals on December 9th

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