Dutch StarCraft League open to international players

19-12-2012 VanCaspel

As of right now the Dutch StarCraft League is open to international players of all skill levels! After a very thorough discussion in which several highly experienced people from the e-sports scene were involved, we’ve come to believe that our aim to generate attention for StarCraft in the Netherlands, and rally the Dutch community to a strong, locally organized tournament, is best served if we allow foreign players to sign up too.

Allowing only Dutch citizens in our tournament created an unfriendly divide right through the e-sports community of the Benelux, which we now hope to undo. At the same time, we do not want to allow Belgians to join, while refusing, for example, German players who’d like to come over. The only players who are not allowed to participate are those who are unwilling or unable to come to the offline finals. Seeing as how those will be held in the Netherlands we do not expect to attract many Korean pro’s (especially given our small prize pool).

Our main reason for allowing international guests into our tournament, though, is that we hope that having foreign players participate will call attention to the Dutchness of our Dutch participants. Whereas before it was guaranteed that a Dutch player would win, we now have the exitement of rooting for our local players and hoping that a Dutch player will win. There’s no stronger incentive to train hard and be an avid supporter than wanting to see a Dutch player win on ‘home turf’ in front of a Dutch audience. We feel that this is a dimension that would be missing if the tournament was for Dutch citizens only.

We want to stress that we are still very much a Dutch StarCraft League: the tournament is organized in the Netherlands and will have mostly Dutch participants, our promotional activities will be aimed at the Netherlands, and the offline finals will be played here as well. Our general aim still is to increase the enthusiasm for StarCraft in the Netherlands by organizing the best and most fun tournament possible. We do not aim to compete with large international tournaments which attract only the best players, but instead we will still be a fun league for players of all skill levels, be they Dutch, Belgian, German or European. Let’s show our international guests some hospitality! And of course: let’s show them what we’re made of :).

Feel free to discuss this issue on the forums!

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