The DSCL Open is the flagship among the tournaments hosted by the Dutch StarCraft League. Every year a large national and international group of players signs up, and the very best of them advance to an offline finals event! The finals have been held in the World Forum (The Hague, 2013), the Brabanthallen (Den Bosch, 2014) and the Melkweg (Amsterdam, 2015). Check out Liquipedia for results of the past years, and our albums of photo’s from the events.

DSCL Open 2016

trophy dscl open 2015This year’s DSCL Open once again offered room for 16 of Europe’s best StarCraft players. Of those 16 spots, 2 have been given to previous winners Harstem and uThermal and 4 have been earned through the Crafting Stars Series Finals. The remaining 10 spots have been earned through 5 online qualifiers that were open to everyone. The best 8 players have been invited to the finals event on December 3rd at the Dutchrank E-sports Championships event in Alphen aan den Rijn. At the event, players will once again be split into groups of 4 with the same format as the online group stage. The remaining 4 players enter the single-elimination playoffs featuring best-of-five semi-finals and best-of-seven finals. See Liquipedia for the brackets.

The tournament features a €1.000 prize pool which will be divided over the top-8 players as follows: €400 for 1st place, €200 for 2nd place, €100 for 3rd and 4th place, €50 for 5-8th place. Dutch e-sports personalities Simon ‘Lowko‘ Heijnen and Jeroen ‘Weiman‘ Weimar, as well as special guest from the UK: Jonathon ‘Wardí‘ Ward will commentate the matches. They’ll make sure you’re on the edge of your seat whenever you need to be, and possibly even in between :).

Tickets for the Dutchrank E-sports Championships (featuring the finals of Fireside Gathering’s Open Series of Hearthstone and a Smash Melee tournament too) are available in the store. All information about the event will be posted here. The finals will be broadcast online at Twitch.tv/DSCLeague.


We’ve hosted 5 online qualifiers, which were single-evening tournaments played in a single-elimination bracket. The best two players from each qualifier (i.e. the finalists) qualified for the DSCL Open of 2016. Here are the results:

Online group stage

After the qualifiers the 10 qualified players joined Harstem, uThermal and the top-4 players of the CSS Finals in the 16-player tournament. The first stage of the tournament consists of an online group stage in which players face each other in 4-player groups. Each group plays a miniature double-elimination bracket (GSL-style, best-of-three matches), and the best two players from each group advance to the offline finals. The groups have been played on the following dates:

  • Group A: October 19th – Reynor, FeaR, InZane, Riquiz*
  • Group C: October 25th – Harstem, Lillekanin, HaNfy, Multi
  • Group B: October 26th – uThermal, Socke, Marsman, Revolution
  • Group D: October 31st – Optimus, SpaceMarine, TomikuS, MperorM

Groups A and B were be broadcast by BaseTradeTV, groups C & D by Wardi.tv. See Liquipedia for the full brackets.

*Riquiz replaces RainMan who had to cancel last-minute due to work. Riquiz was the first eligible and available player from the Crafting Stars Series Finals, through which RainMan qualified.


winners dscl open 2015