DSCL Invitational

The Dutch StarCraft League is BACK in 2015! The DSCL Invitational will be our first event, to take place on March 7th & 8th at the headquarters of Cooler Master in Eindhoven.

Players & prize pool

[playerv2 Nickname=”uThermal” Photo=”http://www.dutchstarcraftleague.nl/wp-content/uploads/2014/04/Uthermal.png” Name=”Marc Schlappi” Race=”Terran” Age=”19″ Team=”AT Gaming” teamurl=”http://www.atgaming.eu/” description=”At the moment uThermal is the best player in the Netherlands. His iconic aggressive playstyle and insane micro make him a hard Terran to deal with. He has evolved his playstyle into something truly unique for a Terran foreigner.” Twitter=”http://www.twitter.com/uThermal” Facebook=”#FacebookURL” facebookshow=”none” Twitch=”” twitchshow=”none” Youtube=”#YouTubeURL” youtubeshow=”none”]
[playerv2 Nickname=”Dimmert” Photo=”http://www.dutchstarcraftleague.nl/wp-content/uploads/2015/03/dimmert-160×160.png” Name=”Dim Jacob Dros” Race=”Zerg” Age=”17″ Team=”Mouse Control” teamurl=”http://www.mouse-control.eu/” description=”Dimmert is the youngest player in the invitational. He played versus Rotterdam on stream and beat him. After Rotterdam found out that Dimmert lives in Texel ( a small island in the Netherlands) he said: I didn’t know people lived there!” Twitter=”https://twitter.com/dimmert” Facebook=”http://www.facebook.com/dimmertsc2″ Twitch=”http://www.twitch.tv/dimmert” Youtube=”#YouTubeURL” youtubeshow=”none”]
[playerv2 Nickname=”Ret” Photo=”http://www.dutchstarcraftleague.nl/wp-content/uploads/2015/01/jos-ret-de-kroon-160×160.png” Name=”Jos de Kroon” Race=”Zerg” Age=”29″ Team=”Liquid” teamurl=”http://www.teamliquidpro.com” description=”The king of drones. Ret used to play exclusively macro games in Wings of liberty. He is iconic for the Dutch Starcraft 2 scene. You can never underestimate Ret even though he has his ups and downs. While Ret is in top form he has proven that he can beat anyone.” Twitter=”http://twitter.com/LiquidRet” Facebook=”#FacebookURL” facebookshow=”none” Twitch=”” twitchshow=”none” Youtube=”#YouTubeURL” youtubeshow=”none”]
[playerv2 Nickname=”Harstem” Photo=”http://www.dutchstarcraftleague.nl/wp-content/uploads/2014/04/Harstem.png” Name=”Kevin de Koning” Race=”Protoss” Age=”20″ Team=”Fnatic” teamurl=”http://www.fnatic.com/” description=”Harstem is the good guy in the neighborhood. His playstyle shows that he prefers to play long macro games. His best matchup is by far PvT where he tries to play defensive in the early and middle stages of the game and aggressive in the late game. He accomplishes this by using warp prism harassment and fortifying positions on the map with cannons so that ghosts and Vikings can’t just snipe the observer. ” Twitter=”http://twitter.com/FnaticHarstem” Facebook=”#FacebookURL” facebookshow=”none” Twitch=”” twitchshow=”none” Youtube=”#YouTubeURL” youtubeshow=”none”]
[playerv2 Nickname=”Optimus” Photo=”http://www.dutchstarcraftleague.nl/wp-content/uploads/2014/04/Optimus.png” Name=”Vincent Klerks” Race=”Terran” Age=”19″ Team=”AT Gaming” teamurl=”http://www.atgaming.eu/” description=”Optimus is a sc2 veteran by heart. Even though he is still pretty young he has plenty of experience under his belt. He is a Terran ladder hero, the Dutch version of Happy. Even though he hasn’t shown great results lately he is still a top contender for the number one spot!” Twitter=”https://twitter.com/OptimusSC2″ Facebook=”#FacebookURL” facebookshow=”none” Twitch=”” twitchshow=”none” Youtube=”#YouTubeURL” youtubeshow=”none”]
[playerv2 Nickname=”Jona” Photo=”http://www.dutchstarcraftleague.nl/wp-content/uploads/2015/03/jonathan-jona-stelma-160×160.png” Name=”Jonathan Stelma” Race=”Zerg” Age=”21″ Team=”AT Gaming” teamurl=”http://www.atgaming.eu/” description=”Jona is well known within the Netherlands but he hasn’t really gotten any big international results. He was also one of the coaches for the DSCL bootcamp. Jona doesn’t have an easy task ahead of him to compete with all the heavy weights in the tournament bracket but by no means should you count him out. Never underestimate the power of the swarm!” Twitter=”https://twitter.com/jona_sc2″ Facebook=”https://www.facebook.com/SC2Jona” Twitch=”http://twitch.tv/jerzlol” Youtube=”#YouTubeURL” youtubeshow=”none”]

We have invited six of the very best Dutch StarCraft-players to compete in the full-weekend event: Harstem, Ret, Sjaak Dimmert*, uThermal, Jona and Optimus. The winner will take home €300 of the €600 prize pool, with €200 going to number two and €100 to the third place finisher. Click on the player portraits to see more information!

*Sjaak had to cancel his participation and was replaced by Dimmert.


[playerv2 Nickname=”Marsman” Photo=”http://www.dutchstarcraftleague.nl/wp-content/uploads/2015/02/vlad-marsman-popescu.png” Name=”Vlad Popescu” Race=”Protoss” Age=”21″ Team=”Mouse Control” teamurl=”http://www.mouse-control.eu/” description=”Marsman might be one of the hardest working Protoss players in the Netherlands. Trying to qualify for any tournament in any timezone. His practice schedule is nonexistent, he plays whenever he feels like it. So there is no difference in seeing him online at 6 in the morning or 3 in the afternoon. It is all the same to him.” Twitter=”#TwitterURL” twittershow=”none” Facebook=”#FacebookURL” facebookshow=”none” Twitch=”” twitchshow=”none” Youtube=”#YouTubeURL” youtubeshow=”none”]
[playerv2 Nickname=”JayPower” Photo=”http://www.dutchstarcraftleague.nl/wp-content/uploads/2014/04/Jaypower.png” Name=”Jhaye Boekstaaf” Race=”Protoss” Age=”21″ Team=”AT Gaming” teamurl=”http://www.atgaming.eu/” description=”The source of Jaypower’s strength is unknown. Many think it’s the sheer amount of practice that he puts in the game. However after years of studying scientists found out that his real power source was his afro. Without an afro Jaypower has to redeem himself!” Twitter=”https://twitter.com/JayPowerSC2″ Facebook=”#FacebookURL” facebookshow=”none” Twitch=”” twitchshow=”none” Youtube=”#YouTubeURL” youtubeshow=”none”]
But it’s an invitational with a twist! Besides the six invited players, there are also two open seeds, who were given to the winners of two online qualifiers. These have taken place on:

Wednesday, February 18th, 19:00h
Wednesday, February 25th, 19:00h

Click the links to see the full brackets.  The first qualifier was won by Vlad ‘Marsman’ Popescu, and the second by Jhaye ‘JayPower’ Boekstaaf! Click on their portraits for more information.


At the two-day event the players will play a round-robin group stage on Saturday, followed by a single-elimination bracket on Sunday. The full brackets can be found on this Liquipedia-page!

Visit the event!

[playerv2 Nickname=”Weiman” Photo=”http://www.dutchstarcraftleague.nl/wp-content/uploads/2015/02/jeroen-weiman-weimar-160×160.png” Name=”Jeroen Weimar” Race=”Terran” Age=”25″ Team=”Facebook” teamurl=”https://www.facebook.com/JeroenWeimarPhotography” description=”Weiman will be casting at the event. It won’t be a solo-cast though: the players will step in as co-casters!” Twitter=”https://twitter.com/Weiman” Facebook=”#FacebookURL” facebookshow=”none” Twitch=”” twitchshow=”none” Youtube=”#YouTubeURL” youtubeshow=”none”]

Of course the qualifiers as well as the event itself will be streamed on our Twitch.tv-channel, so make sure to reserve those dates in your agenda. Jeroen ‘Weiman’ Weimar and some of the players will be casting.

But wait: there’s more! 🙂 Instead of watching online you can actually come visit the event at Cooler Master in Eindhoven! You’ll be able to hang out with the players, other StarCraft-fans and the DSCL-crew. Good times guaranteed!

Since there’s only limited room for visitors and we don’t want to have to turn people down at the door we are now selling tickets. This way you can be sure in advance that there’s room for you when you get there. This also means you need a ticket to get in. Tickets are €5 per day, and can be bought right here through PayPal:

Ticket Day 1 (March 7th): SOLD OUT!

Ticket Day 2 (March 8th):

If you don’t have PayPal, you can also buy tickets by transferring the correct amount to account number NL03 SNSB 0705 8249 69 (BIC: SNSBNL2A) of the Stichting E-sports Nederland, making sure to add your e-mail address to the description!

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