DreamHack Valencia: uThermal, Harstem, Optimus and… Ret!

09-07-2018 VanCaspel

This week the third out of 2018’s four WCS Circuit Events will be played: DreamHack Valencia! In the bristling, tapas-laden Spanish city 80 players will be qlashing (typo?) over $100.000+ in prize money, and 12.600 of those precious WCS-points. Who will take the cake?

Let’s hope it’s one of the Dutch representatives, of which there will be four. And not just any four: uThermal (reigning DSCL Open champion), Harstem (el capitan), Optimus (best Dutch Terran now that uThermal plays Protoss), and…. Ret! Yes you read that right: Jos de Kroon has joined team Qlash and will be competing in StarCraft II in Valencia. Sick.

None of the Dutchies managed to pre-qualify for the 3rd group stage, so on Thursday all of them will start in the 1st group stage. That’s a big day of matches – give it your best shot lads! We’ll be cheering from our dusty offices back home… (man I wish I could be there). On Friday the playoffs begin, and they conclude on Saturday. Check out Liquipedia for the full schedule, and mark those times in your calendars!

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