DreamHack Montreal this weekend

06-09-2017 VanCaspel

This weekend (Friday through Sunday) the very last chance to earn points for the WCS Global Finals at BlizzCon is coming up. At DreamHack Montreal the final WCS Circuit event will be played, and there will be three Dutch players in attendance: uThermal, Harstem and Zelos. Well, and RotterdaM, but he’ll be too busy to play :).

The tournament itself features a $100.000 prize pool, so definitely no laughing matter. But many of the players will be keeping their eyes on an even bigger prize: access to the $700.000 BlizzCon Global Finals. The top-8 players from the Circuit Standings qualify for this event. Currently no Dutch players are in the top-8, unfortunately. uThermal is closest with 1200 points, which means he would have to become second or first in Montreal to qualify for BlizzCon. Against competition like Neeb, Scarlett, ShoWTimE and Nerchio that will be tough, but by golly it’s not impossible! The same goes for Harstem, although given his current standing in the ranking he would have to win Montreal (and get a direct seed) in order to go to BlizzCon.

The final Dutch player in attendance (all of them through the open bracket, by the way) will be Zelos. We really don’t know anything about him (or her!). Dark horse for the tournament confirmed. Zelos, if you’re reading this, we’d love to get in touch!

Good luck this weekend to the players and lots of fun to all you viewers – let’s enjoy the crap outta this one.


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