Casters for finals: Weiman & Lowko!

08-06-2015 VanCaspel

Good news: we have our casters for the finals! Providing live commentary all throughout the weekend will be long-time DSCL caster, photographer and even player Jeroen ‘Weiman‘ Weimar. He’s been involved with the DSCL for a long time, and knows all about the strengths and weaknesses of the players.

By his side, for the first time at DSCL, will be Dutch YouTube-celebrity Simon ‘Lowko‘ Heijnen! Check out his YouTube-channel right here – it features lots of StarCraft, Heroes of the Storm, HearthStone and plenty of other games. Together with Jeroen he will make sure the audience, both live and online, knows exactly what’s going on in the games.

If you haven’t already, get tickets for the finals now! Only available at

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