aGaham and Fmtc close the ranks

10-10-2017 VanCaspel

In the last-chance qualifier yesterday, two Zerg players managed to grab the last of the seeds in this year’s DSCL Open. After defeating long-time Dutch powerhouses like DiTTO (a.k.a. SwitchBack), NEEK and Djorjx, none other than aGaham and Fmtc rose to the top. We now have 16 players in our roster, check out Liquipedia for the complete list.

What’s next? The online group stage! Right now we’re working hard to seed the groups, which will be announced later this week. We’ll plan the dates on which they’ll be played in consultation with the players and casters, so stay tuned while we all grab our calendars.

Later this week we’ll also announce information about the BlizzCon BarCraft as well as add more tournaments to the Local Track for the DSCL Open. Stay tuned…

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