A goodbye and a return

22-12-2012 tshot

Seon Hoon “Polt” Choi will depart from team TSL to go and study in the United States. Polt will, however, not retire from SC2, he will just be teamless for the foreseeable future.
[quote=Polt]I think you’re wondering my next team. Actually I didn’t find a new team to be well mannered to TSL. So I don’t know anything yet.[/quote]

With team TSL bidding goodbye to one of their own, team ROOT welcomes back Juan “Major” Lopez. After his dream of pursuing a career in KeSPA fell trough he realized his mistake and went back “home”
[quote=Major]It’s the only team I feel comfortable with. Most of the people in ROOT have been my friends for a long time and I like it here. It was a rush decision to ask ROOT to let me go chase my dream so quickly, and it’s kind of embarrassing. I’m happy they support my dream to try for KeSPA, and I am glad they welcomed me back until it comes true. ROOT is like my family.[/quote]

In other news:
Blizzard announced two new maps for the WoL map pool: Akilon Flats and Newkirk District. These maps are to be added in season 1 of 2013 and have been used on the Heart of the Swarm Beta for a while.
With the addition of these new maps, the ladder pool bids farewell to two classics: Tal’darim Altar¬†and Shakuras Plateau.

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