Third time’s the charm…

25-09-2017 VanCaspel
…or so they say :). So if you haven’t qualified for the DSCL Open yet, sign up for the 3rd qualifier tonight! Once again the best three players will qualify for the tournament, joining a very international group of talented grandmasters. For players from the Benelux there’s still the WESG entrance on the line.  uThermal, Harstem, Optimus… View Article

Enter Tarrantius, BlueCheese and Gerald

21-09-2017 VanCaspel
The line-up for the DSCL Open has just been enriched with three more players: German Protoss player Tarrantius, his Polish Protoss brethren Gerald, and the Terran from Slovakia BlueCheese. This year’s tournament is shaping up to be our most international one yet: so far all six qualified players are from different countries! Check out the… View Article

Saddle up for qualifier #2!

20-09-2017 VanCaspel
This evening we’re adding three more players to our roster for the DSCL Open of 2017. Last week RiSky, Optimus and TomikuS qualified – who will it be tonight? Maybe you? Sign up right here and get ready to play at 19:00h! 🙂 And remember: while the qualifier is open to players from ALL nationalities, they’re now extra… View Article

WESG & Qualifier #2 coming up

18-09-2017 VanCaspel
Last weekend, to many fans’ surprise, Terran player Djorjx managed to win the WESG Benelux qualifier on Esports Wall, beating Marsman in the finals. Congratuluations Djorjx! He will be joining Harstem, uThermal and Optimus (who won the first qualifier) at Firstlook Festival for the $1.000 WESG Benelux tournament. Of course there’s still 4 other seeds available for… View Article

WESG Benelux qualifier this Saturday

14-09-2017 VanCaspel
On September 2nd Optimus qualified for the WESG Benelux tournament. Who’s next? We’ll know this Saturday! The second and last direct qualifier for WESG Benelux will be played Saturday evening at 20:00u at Esports Wall. Sign up now, and you may join Harstem, uThermal and Optimus at Firstlook Festival. Click here for more information about… View Article