CSS Finals have begun!

26-07-2016 VanCaspel
It’s here: the CSS Finals! The (double elimination) brackets have been built, the players have been informed, and soon we’ll see results flowing in. Check out the brackets right here. You’ll notice that there’s 17 players in there, which is because in season two 4 players were tied for 8th place in the ranking. So… View Article

BinaryBeast down!

18-07-2016 VanCaspel
Right now BinaryBeast is down, so we’ve set up an alternative for tonight. If you want to play send an e-mail with your nickname, character code and the tier you want to play in (Bronze-to-Platinum or Diamond-to-Grandmaster) to admin@dutchstarcraftleague.nl, or talk to the admin in chat channel DSCL in StarCraft (from 18:30h onwards). Do this… View Article

Final Crafting Stars Series tomorrow

17-07-2016 VanCaspel
Tomorrow it’s time for this year’s FINAL edition of the Crafting Stars Series! And while there’s several players who can be pretty sure of their top-8 position in the ranking, it’s going to be a very tense battle for many others. In fact: currently 5 players are tied for 7/8th place! Insane, Nick, Thalandros, Hephaistas and SwitchBack… View Article

DreamHack Valencia finals today

16-07-2016 VanCaspel
Make sure to tune in today to the immaculately produced finals of DreamHack Valencia! The bracket no longer contains any Dutch players, but it’s brimming with stories! Will TLO make a big showing again, or will Neeb continue wrecking all the competition? Or what about 14-year-old Italian player Reynor, who took out MaNa, VortiX and… View Article

Harstem wins HomeStory Cup!

27-06-2016 Jordy Vonk
Last week Krefeld in Germany was the place to be for StarCraft II-action. HomeStory Cup XIII featured some of the best StarCraft II-players around, but of course there can only be one champion and that was… Harstem! Harstem did not have the easiest group stage to start with. He had to beat Guru after his… View Article