Harstem & uThermal qualified for IEM

01-03-2017 VanCaspel
On Monday and Tuesday this week, Harstem, uThermal, Optimus and Thalandros participated in the offline qualifiers for the IEM World Championship in Katowice. Unfortunately the ESL Arena turned out to be the final stop for Optimus (who was bested by Dayshi and SortOf) and Thalandros (who fell to MiNiMaTh and ArT). Harstem and uThermal did… View Article

Dutch players at IEM World Championship

27-02-2017 VanCaspel
This week the 11th season of the IEM World Championship comes to a conclusion. Once again the matches will be played in Katowice, Poland, and so far no Dutch players have qualified for the $250.000 prize pool tournament. But that could change! Because before the actual tournament kicks off on Thursday, today and tomorrow a… View Article

VODs of the finals event

07-12-2016 VanCaspel
The VODs have arrived! You can check out the highlights on Twitch or check out this playlist on our YouTube channel. Want to jump straight to the finals? Enjoy: Also make sure to check out these photo’s of the event by Jeroen Weimar. They’re captivating as always.

Harstem is back on top!

06-12-2016 VanCaspel
After two years uThermal’s reign in the DSCL Open has ended, and Harstem is back on top. Congratulations to Kevin de Koning for winning his second DSCL Open! The Dutchrank E-sports Championships were a blast. Over 150 people visited the event, and the StarCraft stream was #1 on Twitch all day. We’ve broken viewership records… View Article

Blizzard supports the DSCL Open!

01-12-2016 VanCaspel
Splendid news! Blizzard is making a point of supporting grassroots tournaments, and will be helping the DSCL Open too. They’ve graciously agreed to sponsor the prize pool for the DSCL Open, which really lightens the load on our volunteer organization and allows us to focus 100% on setting up the best event possible tomorrow. So… View Article